Hilight Tribe

Undoubtedly the European icons of electro-instrumental bands, Hilight Tribe’s destiny is to unleash their message of peace and unity between all cultures. Their 100% Live performances have converted the fiercest skeptics into dancing and singing as one with the rest of the crowd. Throughout their epic journeys from San Paolo to Bombay and Tokyo, their values align with the tribes and ancient civilisations they look up to and reinterpret throughout their albums and live shows. On top of their 8 albums and more than 700 shows, their recent collaborations with Armin Van Buuren and Vini Vici (Free Tibet Rmx, Great Spirit, Moyoni) have expanded the Tribe’s visibility on a wider scale world wide yet creating more momentum for the Tribe to pass their message to a greater audience.

They call their musical genre “Natural Trance” which by definition is entirely interpreted by musicians and finds it’s source as much in the avant garde electronica style than traditional world music. The bassdrumset combo becomes a platform of expression for the guitar, vocals, multiple percussions and a wide range of ethnic
instruments such as sitar, didgeridoo or native American drums. Some instruments and vocals are connected to effects and triggers which open the doors to experimental and psychedelic sounds.

Thanks to their sound engineer, light designer and stage manager, each concert becomes a sensorial experience. The light show is synchronised with the music played on stage, the musicians are connected to the dancefloor and daily routine dissolves while positive vibes and timelessness take over.

Having shared their vision with several generations of dancers, travellers and free thinkers, the six members of Hilight Tribe and their crew continue their World Trek on the trance path, each stop contributing to the writing of yet another chapter of the Tribe’s legend.



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