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We are Bliss Music

We are Bliss Music- a music management, production and booking team.
We love music, we live music and we believe that music can evoke altered states of consciousness and  deep transformation. We believe in working hard and enjoying every step of the way. Bliss Music is built on personal relationships, human connection and a higher vision of making this world a better place. Our roster consists of amazing artists weaving music in the realms of conscious/ medicine and world music, sacred prayers and mantras to ecstatic, tribal sonic journeys.


We produce different types of events reanging from big music festivals to smaller gatherings, transformational heart spaces, ceremonies and retreats around the world.
No matter the size, location and theme, we put our hearts as well as our minds into every event we do, bringing creativity, devotion, professional approach and good vibe.


We book shows, festivals and tours worldwide, with a deeper focus on the European territories.
We are blessed to have a close network of professional, heart oriented people with whom we co-create precisely curated tours according to the vision and desires of the artist.
We work closely with tens of festivals and gatherings ranging from world music, electronic, alternative, conscious, healing, tribal, activism and new world themes.


We are blessed to go even deeper with a few carefully selected artists offering 360 management, carrying out everything from release strategies, distribution, label management, concert booking and event production, finances, merch, artist development, collaborations, band management and much more.

Bliss Music Are:


Production Manager


Booking Manager


Founder & CEO


Artistic Designer


Tour Coordinator

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