Orka is a musician, singer songwriter and teacher whose passion lies in spiritual development, ritual artistry and ceremonies.

In her journey for the past 14 years, Orka has explored the ceremonial, spiritual and healing aspects of the concept of Singing Circles. Her ground breaking project, ‘Orot’, established together with Uria Tsur, has taken this work to another level.

Orka’s interest in interactive work with the audience lead her to explore ways of bringing these qualities of healing and deep spiritual engagement to a full band on-stage performance, thus creating her project “Forestt”.

This project, based on Orka’s writing and composing, embodies the joint vision Orka and her band mates had – to create a world of sounds that generates heart opening and mind altering experiences, just like singing circles do.

Orka has worked with hundreds of women, both in her voice workshops, and in the ‘Medicine Women’s Choir’ that she established, where she aims at inspiring the voice of the ‘new feminine’ to open up, take the lead and share both strength and vulnerability.

After many years of performing internationally with these projects, topping the charts in Israel, giving a TedX talk and taking an active role as a woman leader in her community, Orka is now ready to launch her SOLO project on which she worked as the world changed.

Orka is 40 years young, a mother of toddler twins, based in Israel, and in love with life!



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