Prem Joshua

Prem Joshua Project
The three musicians of “Prem Joshua Project” move in the musical space between the cultures of India and the West – a journey from meditative and virtuoso-fiery Indian ragas to modern, energetic beats and loops – world music that not only spoils the ears, but will certainly make you jump up and dance.


Prem Joshua: (sitar, bamboo flutes, soprano saxophone, vocals, composer)
In 1977, aged 18, he first moved to India overland to study Indian music on the sitar and bamboo flute under various masters. His great passion, however, was early on for his very own unmistakable crossover style, which over the years has constantly developed beyond all common genres and has now been released on 18 music albums. He has been touring the world with his concerts for 30 years. 

Sanou Olszewski: (vocals, tanpura, ukulele)
Originally coming from rock and soul, she studied raga singing in India for the last 12 years and today, with her versatile voice, adds pastel-like to bright color accents to the sound of the trio.


Chintan Relenberg: (tabla, percussion, beats, grooves, loops, vocals)
Also an accomplished bassist, pianist, composer, arranger and sound engineer, has performed with Prem Joshua on stages around the world for the past 30 years. Simultaneously percussionist and DJ, his contemporary groove and loop arrangements give the trio’s sound a danceable foundation.



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