Deya dova

Deya Dova grew up in the remote Nullarbor desert of South Australia.
She was born into the world in her intact water membrane, an auspicious sign of an innate connection between the worlds.
Deya taught herself music sitting around fires, under the immense desert star-scapes, singing straight from her soul.

Co-producing with her husband, Hamilton Barnett, together they fuse ancient songlines with the futurism of Global Bass music. Blending the divine frequencies of Deya’s voice, sacred world instrumentation and deep organic beats.

In 2014 Deya Dova began an exciting journey exploring the planetary grid. Recording pure vocal songs that are sung in direct response from sitting in quiet reverence and deep listening with ancient Earth.
Over the last 7 years Deya Dova has recorded live in nature at 44 locations on the Earth’s energy lines across the planet. Songs that hold the incredible energy and frequency of these stunning ancient places.



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